What should I know before buying a trash compactor?
Wholesale distributors offer lower prices on trash compactors.
Once you decide to buy a trash compactor, you have a wide variety of styles and prices to choose from. Most trash compactor models designed for home use will share the components of being 12 to 15 inches wide with approximately 1.4 cubic feet capacity, a charcoal filter or built-in air freshener, wheels, a tilt-away basket, and will use plastic or paper bags that must be replaced with each use.

The differences in models usually involve style, construction, and compacting force. Some models are designed to be placed under the counter top and do not have a finished top. Others are designed to be freestanding and can be used for extra counter space or be placed in a utility room or garage. Convertible models can be placed under the counter top or can be freestanding.

Your choices for compacting force include 2,000, 2,300, or 5,000 pounds with the higher force models costing more. You will want to purchase a higher strength model if you will be crushing a lot of resistant material such as glass or hard plastic. But you should also consider your own personal strength when deciding which compacting force to buy. The higher the compacting force the more garbage will be compacted into each bag and the more it will weigh. The heaviest bags can weigh upwards of 50 pounds. An accessory that can help you transport the compacted bags is a bag caddy that fits around the disposable bag and provides handles for lifting and carrying.

There are also differences in appearance that will affect the cost of your new trash compactor. You should also expect to pay more for a stainless steel model versus a white, ivory, or black enamel finish.

You should also look for the following safety features in a trash compactor: an anti-jam system, sensors that keep the compactor from operating when the basket is uneven, and a removable knob control to prevent accidental crushing. You can expect most trash compactors to carry a warranty of at least one year on all parts. It may be helpful to read reviews of the different models to discover whether people have experienced recurring problems with particular models. There are several websites available that offer reviews of trash compactors and other home appliances.

Once you have determined where the trash compactor will be placed, you can narrow your choices down to the models that come in the appropriate dimensions. The retail price range for trash compactors can be anywhere from $400 to $800 according to Nutone/Broan expert John Hartman, who is a sales manager for R & I Enterprises. For example, a Broan 12" trash compactor listed on one website for $449, a Whirlpool 15-inch under counter model in stainless steel listed for $557, and a Kitchen-Aid Integrated under counter model with foot pedals listed for $819. It should be noted that prices vary depending on retailer and region. Hartman says the best way to save money on a trash compactor is to have a contractor buy the product wholesale from a distributor like R & I Enterprises. If you are installing the trash compactor in a home under construction or during a major remodeling of your kitchen you may be able to save money by installing the unit yourself, but creating space in existing cabinetry will probably require a professional unless you have carpentry experience.

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