Green Home Natural Home Improvement
Green Home Natural Home Improvement

Why Going Green Matters To You
Many of the conventional products used for repair and improvement projects around the house contain high levels of toxins. However, such chemicals can have many adverse affects on the health of you and your family. Here at Green Home, we offer a wide selection of safer alternatives that are less toxic and equally effective. So whether you're painting a room, waxing your floor, or heating the house, we have everything you need to get the job done safely.

Green means the products you buy from us have been selected for their "environmentally friendly" qualities. These qualities include: reduced toxicity, reusability, energy efficiency, eco-responsible packaging, recycled content, manufactured with minimal environmental impact, and minimal or no artificial materials. By and large, our products are the least toxic alternatives for the job.

We're providing an additional product selection axis to the ones consumers already have available. Consumers generally choose a product based on:


Green Home believes that customers would like to include toxicity and environmental friendliness in their purchasing decisions. We reference a number of studies that indicate that this desire already exists and is searching for an outlet.

Green means practical. We're dedicated to assisting you in balancing the objectives of buying green with the practical realities of modern life. Green to Green Home is "greener." We don't think we should go back to living in yurts.

But you still want more than just quality, convenience and low prices. You want to include environmental friendliness in your purchasing decision. But it ain't easy. There's more to life than that.

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