Trash Compactor Buying Guide
Purchasing a trash compactor is a great way to eliminate all that bulky kitchen trash and stop having to take the trash out all the time. Modern trash compactors are capable of reducing trash volume by up to 75%. Trash compactors are small enough to fit into almost kitchen (or boat). When deciding on which trash compactor to buy, you need to consider if you want a freestanding or under the counter model. An under the counter trash compactor will not have a finished top but can be installed between cabinets which makes it convenient. For a flush console look with the under the counter models, think about getting a trim kit. Freestanding compactors have finished tops which allows you to use them as counter space. There are convertible trash compactors which can be installed as under the counter or freestanding. Most compactors are 12 to 15 inches wide and from 34 1/8 to 35 inches high and 24" to 24 1/4" deep. Make sure you measure correctly especially if you plan on installing an under the counter model with a trim kit. Standard features on almost all trach compactors are 1/3 HP motors, 1.4 cubic feet capacity, noise insulation, 2000, 3000, or 5000 lbs of compacting force, anti-jam sensors, paper or plastic bags, air freshener compartments, tilt away trash baskets, and reversible panels.

You'll want to get a trash compactor with quality safety features like removable key knob control (stop accidental operation), tilt sensors, and anti-jam system so the trash compactor doesn't jam. Keep aerosal cans, explosive chemicals, flammable materials, and poisonous chemicals out of the compactor. Children should always stay away from the compactor. With many trash compactor bags holding up to 50 lbs of compressed trash when full, you will need to either empty the bag more often or make sure someone is around to carry the bags that weigh too much. Carry full bags by the top or use a "bag caddy". Although many of the trash compactors we reviewed can compact glass, we recommend not using them for that purpose since glass splinters can poke through the bads and cause unnecessary injures/cuts when you go to through out the bag. The great thing about trash ...

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